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Pioneer Carbon India is a leading manufacturer and designer of composite FRP and Carbon Fibre systems used for strengthening infrastructure worldwide. Our field service teams train and certify installation partners, as well as perform installations for larger more difficult applications.

Pioneer Carbon India leverages its carbon fiber technology to bridge the Spending Gap between the costs required to replace the world’s infrastructure and the money actually being allocated. In fact, Pioneer Carbon can extend the life of your structures by 30 years and reduce 80% of the cost and 95% of the environmental impact associated with replacing your structures.


Reusing and repairing your existing structures instead of replacing them, significantly reduces your environmental impact by 95% including water consumption, landfill waste, CO2 emissions, and energy consumption.


From engineering to installation, Pioneer Carbon India can complete large-scale capital repairs in weeks versus months. Composite strengthening systems can be designed as permanent repairs requiring minimal ongoing maintenance. And most importantly, our systems install with minimal to no downtime.


In the majority of cases, Pioneer Carbon India saves clients like you 60% to 80% of the cost of replacement with minimal disruption to your operations. Avoiding the cost of down time and ongoing cost of maintenance often push savings beyond 80%.

Risk Mitigation

Pioneer Carbon India has supported its clients with the most qualified and experienced team in the industry. Pioneer Carbon India contracts as a single-source provider, offering forensic engineering, field surveys, structural engineering, composite FRP manufacturing, installation services, and site-specific quality control.
Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a type of composite materials consist of carbon fiber and polymer. The carbon fiber provides the strength and stiffness while the polymer acts as cohesive matrix to protect and held the fibers together. CFRP are manufactured as a strips, bars, and sheets using different production technique like filament winding, pultrusion, and hand lay-up processes.

CFRP materials possess good rigidity, high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, high ultimate strain, high fatigue resistance, and low thermal conductivity. They are bad conductors of electricity and are non-magnetic.

The CFRP provide remedies for many problems associated with the deterioration and strengthening of infrastructure such as bridges and buildings. Using CFRP reinforcing bars in new concrete can eliminate potential corrosion problems and substantially increase a member’s structural strength.

Effective use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer could significantly increase the life of structures, minimizing the maintenance requirements. Carbon fibers have also been used as reinforcement for ablative plastics and for reinforcements for lightweight, high strength and high stiffness structures.

Properties of CFRP

  1. Alkali resistant.
  2. Corrosion resistance that is why it is used for corrosion control and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures.
  3. It has low thermal conductivity.
  4. CFRP has high strength to weight ratio and hence it eliminates requirements of heavy construction equipment and supporting structures.
  5. It needs short curing time. Therefore, the application takes a shorter time. This reduces the project duration and down time of the structure to a great extent.
  6. CFRP possess high ultimate strain
  7. High fatigue resistance. So, they do not degrade, which easily alleviates the requirement of frequent maintenance.
  8. CFRP is bad conductor of electricity and is non-magnetic.
  9. Due to its lightweight, prefabricated components in CFRP can be easily transported. This thus encourage prefabricated construction, reduce site erection labor cost and capital investment requirements.

Applications of CFRP in Concrete Structures

1. CFRP Strips

There are many techniques that use CFRP strips, laminates for strengthening concrete structures such as Externally bonded CFRP sheets and Near Surface Mounted FRP. The performance of the strengthening methods depends on the strength of the adhesive used to bond CFRP to the concrete surface and the degree of stress at the interface of the concrete and CFRP.

CFRP is used to strengthen steel road bridges more easily and cheaply. The CFRP strips are only 20% of the weight of the strips of similar products made from high-strength steel but are at least four times as strong. Their high-strength-to- weight ratio makes the CFRP strips easily to handle and reduces installation costs. Strips of CFRP measuring just 8 mm in thickness have been used to strengthen a road bridge in Rochdale, UK.

2. CFRP Wraps

CFRP wrapping is used for rehabilitation of masonry columns. CFRP wraps are used for corrosion control and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete columns. They are also used for construction of earthquake resistant structures.

The addition of CFRP sheets greatly increases the ultimate flexural moment capacity of the retrofitted shear wall. However, in order for the FRP sheet to carry the high axial loads resulting from the bending moment imposed on the shear wall, the CFRP sheets must be adequately anchored at the base of the wall.

3. CFRP Laminates

Low Thermal Expansion CFRP Laminates are used for strengthening of structural members such as beams in buildings and girders in bridges. CFRP is used to strengthen steel road bridges more quickly, cheaply and easily.

4. CFRP Bars

CFRP bars have been in the construction of new buildings and strengthening reinforced concrete structures using Near Surface mounted CFRP Reinforcement technique.


In Steel Tanks Pioneer CarbonSealTM the Highest Strength and Chemical Resistance to Harsh Environments

The Pioneer CarbonSealTM Steel Tank Repair System meets the tough demands of your tank applications.

Whether it’s protecting structures exposed to aggressive environments or sealing hundreds of through-holes our systems save you significant money over traditional repairs or replacement.

Apply Pioneer CarbonSeal to the inside of your tank during a planned shut-down, or eliminate downtime costs by wrapping the outside surface of your tank.

Typical Chemical Resistance of Pioneer CarbonSeal by Industry Type:

Geo Thermal Power Plant

A geothermal power plant had severe corrosion on its primary clarifier and demister tanks. The clarifier, 43′ tall with a 125’ diameter, had significant steel loss caused by the exposure of brine water operating at 206 degrees F.

CarbonSealStructrual Strengthening

The surface of the steel was abrasive blasted to remove rust and contaminates. The surface was then cleaned to remove chlorides and neutralize the chemistry of the steel. Pioneer CarbonSeal Carbon Fiber systems were then wrapped over four main areas of the of the tanks: the tank sidewalls, the dome roof connection, the dome roof, and a 36″ diameter overflow pipe. The tanks were all structurally strenghened and sealed within 12 weeks, saving the client over $3 Million.

Coal Fire Power Plant

A 2 million gallon process water tank was suffering extensive corrosion, pitting, and buckling of the steel tank walls, floors, and roof. The client could not wait the required 6 month time frame to tear down and replace the tank at a massive cost of $4.5 Million. PioneerCarbonSeal™ system was installed in 6 weeks, saving the client over 80% of their replacement budget.

After surface preparation was performed to profile and clean the steel tank walls, Pioneer CarbonSeal™ system was wrapped on the inside surface of the tank to seal the tank and strengthen the steel beyond initial design values. The sytem was then coated with a chemical resistant polymer creating a structural liner to extend the service life of the tank for 20 years.

Getting Started

The Pioneer CarbonSeal products are designed with you in mind. To help you determine which Pioneer CarbonSeal Steel Tank Repair System is the best solution for your application, HJ3 provides the following tools:
  • Electronic Worksheets
  • Engineering Drawings
  • On-site Assessment
  • Testing Support
  • Case Histories
  • References
If you have a specific steel tank application you would like reviewed, please contact an Pioneer Carbon Project Manager to schedule an on-site survey. Or request and complete the Steel Tank Repair Worksheet, and Pioneer Carbon engineering team will diagnose the problem and send you engineered systems in a matter of days. Contact Pioneer Carbon at +91-9301988995

PIONEER CarbonSeal™ - Engineered Composite Repair Systems

Pioneer Carbon is a leading manufacture of engineered composite repair systems designed to extend the life of critical assets in process facilities. By working closely with owner/operators and certified applicators, Pioneer Carbon provides engineered repair solutions to restore strength to damaged or corroded piping systems. By extending the service life of the piping system to the next scheduled outage, owner/operators stay online and avoid the cost associated with an unexpected outage.

Same Day Engineering

Whether its preventive repairs associated with a CUI program or emergency repairs on your flare line, Pioneer Carbon offers same day design calculations and support to keep you online!
Flare Lines Acid Lines
Cooling Water Piping Sour Water
Fire Suppression Piping Blow Down Lines
Chemical Attack of Process Lines MIC Corrosion
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Hydrocarbons

Pioneer CarbonSeal™ Products Include

Pioneer CarbonSeal HT™ – High Temperature
PioneerCarbonSeal CHEM™ – High Chemical
PioneerCarbonSeal NSF61™ – Potable Drinking Water
PioneerCarbonSeal AR™ – Abrasion Resistant
PioneerCarbonSeal SUBSEA™ – Underwater
PioneerCarbonSeal FLARE ™ – Flare Line Repairs

Pioneer CarbonSeal™ used to wrap and seal leaking corroded steel riser pipe after a “stop gap” was installed.

This repair completed in 2003, was the first installation of the Pioneer CarbonSeal™ System. In total 13 risers were repaired in one week. Today, over 10,000,000 Square feet of Pioneer CarbonSeal™ has been installed.

Pioneer Carbon engineering team will diagnose the problem and send you engineered systems in a matter of days. Contact Pioneer Carbon at +91-9301988995

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