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Lustrous Carbon (Coal Dust)

Lustrous Carbon Powder - Coal Dust We are proud to offer PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) Powder which is tailor made to act as an additive for imparting better finish to castings. PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) is a carbon-containing additive which is added to the bentonite - bonded molding sands in order to reduce oxidation, minimize sand adhesion to the casting at shakeout, enhance casting surfaces and combat the occurrence of casting defects. At the same time the optimizing molding sand properties and performance.

The current situation of green sand moulding in ferrous foundries leaves quite a lot to chance; the lack of understanding of the process hampers the productivity of foundries, where the rejection rates hover from 2% to 6%. Reducing this rejection rate, and increasing the lifespan of sand, even by a single percentage point can result in massive savings for foundries.

To help foundry customers to achieve these goals, we have a range of products which are tailor made for use in Green Sand molding in Ferrous Foundries. The main objective of these products, which are available under the brand PIONEER CARBON LC™ is to impart a better surface finish on the castings.

PIONEER CARBON LC™ is a revolutionary new technology that combines scientifically selected nano-materials, anti-scabbing agents, carbon, and a proprietary blend that form a ceramic surface where molten metal meets sand. This ensures a non-wetting barrier between the sand and the molten metal providing a superior surface finish.

We understand that each foundry is different. The control factors vary drastically, and this has prevented research bodies from finding precise values that would bring down the rejection percentages. We use innovative practices with state-of-the-art materials, data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms to understand green-sand systems unique to foundries. Then, using this data, we develop customized solutions that suit foundries.

Once Ferrous Foundries partner with us, they see rejection rates go down within a period of 4-6 weeks.

PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) formers are essentially organic in nature. They contain H – C compounds that volatilize under the effect of the casting temperature. The gaseous atmosphere produced is supersaturated with carbon and exerts a reducing effect, preventing oxidation defects such as Burnt-on sand, Graphite degeneration and other Chemical reactions. C super saturation ultimately becomes so extensive that pyro lytic carbon in the form of PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) precipitates directly onto the mold surface at elevated temperatures. The degree of super saturation in the mold atmosphere depends on the composition [Z] of the lustrous carbon former (C-H-O ratio), the carbon concentration [K] and the temperature [T] (LC =f[Z,K,T]).

The precipitation of PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) onto the hot mold wall reduces chemical reactions and the degree to which the mold face can be wetted by the molten metal. The gases produced influence the impact of the liquid metal against the mold material providing a so-called "cushioning effect" protecting the casting. The presence of PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) ensures good casting "peel" with excellent molding sand/casting separation at shakeout with optimum collapsibility and disintegration of the mold minimizing sand losses.

At high temperatures the PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) former itself becomes plastic and swells minimizing compressive stresses produced inside the mold due to the thermal expansion of silica. Swelling and the formation of carbon residues, help to stabilize moisture. Classic casting defects such as erosion, penetration and surface roughness can thus be prevented by the presence of such carbon carriers.

Good reasons for using PIONEER CARBON LC™

  • Reduction in the wettability of the mold surface through the formation of a reducing gaseous hydrocarbon atmosphere
  • Absorption of compressive stresses produced within the mold during casting
  • Reduced environmental burden with organic crack emissions minimized due to a low consumption of additives
Maximum recyclability through improved mold collapse and sand/casting separation at shakeout. We have the right PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) formers for every application conditions. Our Lustrous Carbon (Coal Dust) Powder also acts as a partion joint between sand and metal in order to avoid distortion of metal surface after cooling. Because of Low Ash and High Volatiles content, our PIONEER CARBON Lustrous Carbon™ (Coal Dust) Powder evaporates from sand bath faster and does not allow effect of sand on the metal.

Specifications :

Specification Pioneer Pioneer P Pioneer HPL
Volatile Matter 50 - 60% 50 - 55% 40 - 50%
ASH Content 5 % 5 % 7 %
Fixed Carbon by Difference by Difference by Difference


  • Revolutionary new technology using "nano" materials
  • Ceramic nano-materials blended with anti-scabbing agents & carbon in a proprietary blend
  • Ceramic Surface is formed where molten metal meets sand
  • Non-wetting barrier between the molten metal and sand ensuring a superior surface finish.

Competitive Advantage of Using PIONEER CARBON LC™

  • Reduction in Bentonite Consumption without affecting GCS
  • Reduction in consumption of Lustrous Carbon
  • Reduction in fresh sand consumption
  • No lumping of sand during shakeout
  • Excellent Flowing Properties
  • Improved refractoriness and permeability
  • Better swelling / button formation


To avoid rejections. Plain and simple. The global average of rejections for green sand ferrous foundries is about 4%, but if we restrict the figure to India, the numbers rises to 10%. If you talk numbers, this translates to a loss of around Rs. 6,000 crores (~1 Billion USD) globally.

This is where PIONEER CARBON LC™ comes in.

PIONEER CARBON LC™ constantly strives towards excellence and has a team of dedicated professionals who understand customer requirement accurately and serve them accordingly.

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