Pioneer Carbon

Research & Development

In-house R&D and innovation has marked the rise of “Pioneer Carbon” from a small company in 1993 to one of the most successful and reputed companies in the field of Carbon chemicals worldwide.

In 2016 Pioneer Carbon sales of around 60 % through new products developed in the past two years. Our R&D is organized on a centralized basis and is closely aligned to market requirements, who work intensively with marketing team from the operational side of the Foundry, Steel and Refractory business and with the international sales network. In this way, our innovation activities are very closely meshed with the needs of our customers and their customers.

A strong and vibrant R&D program and expertise in Process Development coupled with an outstanding team including scientists headed by Mr. Sudhir Bansal - Chairman & Mr. Abhinav Bansal - Managing Director, has enabled the company to capitalize on superior technology generated in-house. This has led to the production and development of import substitute products and cost-effective - Foundry, Steel, Refractory and Carbon chemicals on a large scale making them affordable to national level and a strong competitive international presence.

Pioneer Carbon has state-of-the art and highly sophisticated R&D Centre in Bhilai - Chhattisgarh and provides a nurturing environment to a multi-disciplinary team of Technologists, scientists striving for excellence.

This R&D Centre employ the best talent from top educational institutions. The R&D team works on new product development, process modifications as well as development of testing methods. The R&D lab are equipped with cutting edge ultra modern analytical and testing instruments to test new products, in-process and finished products.

Pioneer Carbon provides an integrated service from research (process development) to Pilot Scale trials to commercial scale supply, supported by it’s in –house process development and engineering expertise. We have rich experience and successful track record of development and commercialization of various Carbon Chemicals, while maintaining high standards of EHS.

And all this has been made possible by the vision and unswerving dedication and commitment of our Team of Experts.

Quality Measures
Pioneer Carbon has single – handedly scripted India’s Carbon saga by its exclusive high end quality measures. We keep in mind the highest quality concepts in approving the purchase of raw materials, monitoring in process analysis of production and testing of finished products. Equal emphasis is given on delivery, specification, conditions of supply, packaging, labeling, handling and storage, as we realize that all these are important for the end user. We firmly believe that quality must be built into product and sincerely work to achieve this noble goal.

Pioneer Carbon has achieved this by making significant investments in its laboratory infrastructure, equipment, and qualified personnel thus creating a state-of-art research, development center and testing facility.

Every manufacturing facility having the state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated quality control lab to monitor day to day activities.