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Tap Hole Clays

Tap Hole Clays
Tap hole clays are used for plugging of the Tap hole of Blast Furnace. Tap hole is an outlet for hot metal produced in a Blast Furnace. The major objective of this material is not only to plug the Tap hole but also to be drilled for the subsequent cast. The mud gun pushes the Tap hole clay into Tap hole of Blast Furnace where it hardens and checks the hot metal and slag from coming out of Blast Furnace.

Role of Tap Hole Mass:

  • Allow Controlled Flow of Metal & Slag
  • Ideally retain its shape & size throughout casting period
  • Protect Hearth Lining in the Vicinity of Tap Hole
  • Seal the metal flow when plugged in hole.
  • Improve life of iron trough & hood by controlled flow of metals and slag